It is sometimes hard to accept that a person is not going to be there anymore and it can help to talk or send messages to them.

If you don't want to talk out loud, write a letter, poem or song, draw a picture or make a photo collage.  Let your emotions out in a creative way which you enjoy. 

Here are some ways that people who use this site have talked to or sent messages to the person who has died:

"I still talk to him all the time, especially on the swings, where he used to play with me when I was little..."

"My one advice is still speak to your Mum because she can hear you, just because you cant see her it doesn't mean she's not around..."

"...i just kept a photo of him with me all the time and I kept talking to it..."

"...I've already written him a letter I wrote for half an hour and did 8 A4 pages. We're going to cremate him with a picture of our family and my letter in his pocket..."

"...maybe by writing a poem about how your feeling, or maybe write a letter to say some of the things that you would if they were here. anything that you feel comfortable with."

"What I find helps is talking to him, although he doesn't actually reply back I know that he can hear me. it makes me feel as if he is still hear. It does help because I have tried it..."

"...A doll she left. I talk to it, and imagine she's listening, and it makes me feel better..."

"...she's in my heart and she will always be there in my heart. She's in a better place now and I know that she can hear me when I talk to her in my head..."