Grief has no timeline. Don't let anyone tell you,
"You should be over it by now."
Take every day as it comes and try to make it count.

It is often hard to move on with your life after someone close to you has died.

Here are some ideas that people who use this site have had for trying to carry on:

"It is so hard when someone close to you dies and you sometimes can only take one day at a time."

"...try to get on with your life as best u can and try to live your normal lives. I know that's hard but it can be done just think about where they are now in a better place."

"I am working my way through uni, and everything I do is to show people that I can cope and survive, and I want to make Bill and my Grandad proud, although I know they always are."

"Here's to a happy and fulfilled life for everyone, remember life can be short so live it to the full, I certainly will be!"

"…I miss him, that will never change but it reminds me of the relationships around me and how I should treasure them which I haven't in the past so now I'm working on that."

"Life is short and I now know that I must live life to the full and not waste a minute. Since my sister left I have joined the Royal Air force which has been my dream."

"One thing encourages me to keep moving-on is knowing that Papa had many dreams for me to be happy and successful in life. At times I imagine what Papa would say or do, and try to do the right thing by staying strong and enthusiastic like Papa and grandma."

"I have my regrets as you all will but I have tried to rebuild my life around it. After a while you get over so much that you can talk about it freely but in private you will always have some special feelings for your special person."

"...believe that your Mum has gone to a better place and that she is not suffering anymore and one day when the time is right you will be reunited again. That special Child/Mother connection never goes away it just gets stronger and

"...think about all the things you have thought you might want to do and go and do them without thinking about it just go! Have fun and live your life as much as you can, you only live once and you have to make it special!"

"I don't think there is a certain amount of time it will take to get over a death. No one knows how u feel so no one can say. All I can say is try to remember all the good times you shared that's partly how I got over my grandma..."

"I'm just going to take one day at a time and try to keep smiling."

"Try to be positive and never feel guilty if you forget about it or are really enjoying yourself 'cause nobody wants you to feel bad."

"...I think things will get better with time, you have your whole life to look forward to, although it doesn't seem like it now you will be happy again. Don't expect miracles to happen too soon, give yourself some time."

"I know that people say it takes time and it gets easier and it is true for most people and in time u will probably feel better there is no set time some people it takes 5 weeks others 5 years..."

"I wouldn't want to give you any advice about dealing with this because everyone has such a different experience, but I can say these things: You find out quickly who your true friends are, love them because you will need them, don't worry that you're not dealing with it how you should, you will find your own way when you are ready. Good luck and keep smiling!"

"...It can be so hard to carry on without someone no matter how hard you try or how long ago it was. I no it can be hard when people seem to carry on without even thinking about it but perhaps it's their way of coping. It may not necessarily mean that they have forgot or don't care. I think it is just a case of staying strong and cherishing the memories that you have."