There are lots of ways to remember a person who has died.

Here are a few ideas from people who use this site:

"I always look at the stars and think that he's there looking down on everything I do!"

"I wrote a poem and read it, it was about how I was losing one of my friends and how I'll never find a better friend than he was."

"I'm 14 and lost my little brother not even 4 months ago. I miss him so much. My little sister says that he is the brightest star in the sky and we always say night to it before we go to sleep."

"I've lost my mum a week ago, I'm only 21. I believe that she is the sun always looking down on me, stopping me doing anything stupid. I feel that she is up there with God making sure that I don't do stuff too stupid!"

"Some days I cry for him and some days I laugh about him which I couldn't do at the start. Things do get easier but all I can say is you can never get over a death of someone you can only remember them for whom they were and find some tears or laughter in you."

"We used to send each other letters, me and mum. She always put some humor in them. I recommend that anyone in my situation should put any memories (letters, badges, I put in some dried petals from the rose I put on her coffin - anything really) into a box with a lock on. Every now and again, unlock the memory box and refresh your memory."

"I still feel she is there watching over me and will be, pain free, for the rest of my life.
I can now remember all kinds of silly things which he either said or did which seemed trivial at the time but now he's gone its good to look back on the good times when I'm feeling sad."

"When I see a photo of her, it always brings a smile to my face, because it makes me remember the great times we had in the 10 short years i knew her. She will always be in my heart."

"Going through my teenage years without a mum is weird. Everyone I know has a mum except for me. Even though I can't be with her she's in my heart and I take her everywhere I go. A mothers love never goes away. I know my love for her is going to stay forever."

"...even though I don't cry as much as I used to doesn't mean I've forgot about him and don't miss him because he will live in my mind forever!"

At first I found it hard to cope but I know she is always with me and out of pain. I miss her, but remember your Mum is never far away and will always be in your heart."

"...Try to remember all the good times you had..."

"…Try and remember some of the good times u had that works for some people…"

"...I just wanna say that in time it does get easier you have to try and remember them for who they were and be grateful you had such wonderful people in your life. They are looking down on you taking care of you."

"...I looked out of the window, and I saw this star, the only one out there. From now on whenever I look out of the window I see this star, and to me it is like she is always there for me."

"...I've bought plants for my own little memorial for him. I know that he would appreciate it. It's something special from me to him."

"He made me a cd with loads of his fav songs and I like listening to it because it brings back all the memories of us being together...just try to think of how much fun you had together with these things. Like a fav place to hang out, remember all the fun times you had there! ...I just think that they'll still be listening to that music or going to these
places, because they are completely free and can do whatever they want."

"We just have to try to be strong and always remember that the thing they'd want most is for us to be happy and celebrate the life that they had."

"...We've got to try and hold onto the good times that we had, and remember and cherish them for ever."

"I planted a conifer and buried his emails, I go out there and speak to the tree, it makes me feel a little better, but I know nothing is going to ease my pain..."