A New Experience

I remember the first ever Cruse youth event I went to, all the way back in 2009. I was young, shy, and completely unaware of how Cruse would impact my life. Fast forward to 12th April 2017, and there I am setting up the recording equipment in the office for another event, 4 hours before anybody is due to arrive. 

Never in a million years did I ever imagine that one day I would be the person orchestrating an event, never mind one for a group of bereaved young people. I can say without a doubt, Cruse has saved me since losing my Dad, in more ways than one. 

As someone who is naturally very introverted, the thought of organising and running an event terrified me, having all eyes on me whilst explaining the day's events was my idea of a nightmare. But up I got, standing awkwardly at the front, giving everybody an idea of why they were there. 

The day was organised to bring together young bereaved people, letting them get to know one another and share experiences, but also to help with our new 'Vlog Pod' page. The aim was to gather more content, and let everybody that was willing record a vlog of their own choice. 

Despite the stress and slight anxiety of having to run the day, it was humbling to see so many young people who've been through so much stand up and record themselves talking about such a hard time in their lives. Major kudos to them, it's definitely not something I would've done back when I first joined. Watching other young people do this definitely gives me more confidence and strength in my work, and lets me know I'm never alone in my grief. 

You can check out our Vlog Pod page, and send us your own vlog to help someone out there who is struggling. All it takes is one little video to let someone know there's always Hope.