Mum's Last Wish

The documentary, 'Mum's Last Wish' follows the inspiring story of Shanti and Kalvin, two young people who sadly lost their loving mum, Seema, to cancer in 2015. 

Despite the horrible situation that Seema had been placed in, she focused on being positive and making the best of what time she had left. She began recording vlogs of her journey, and gained a large following online. 

If I don't make it and I'm gone before my time, don't be sad 'cause I'm happy and I live whilst I'm alive -Seema

Seema decided to form a list of tasks she wanted Shanti and Kalvin to complete after she was gone. This gave them purpose after losing their mum, they wanted to complete them to make her proud. These tasks were a challenge, but it helped them keep the spirit of their beloved mum alive, and allowed them to focus on the future. Shanti took her first swimming lesson and learnt more about cancer, whilst Kalvin learnt to drive and applied for university. 

The documentary shows a different side of bereavement, it's not always about pain and suffering. Shanti was glad her mum was no longer suffering and in pain, and this gave her comfort in the loss. It's important to put yourself first, and it is okay to be sad and angry too. 

Kalvin hoped his mum would be proud of him and what he'd done. Shanti and Kalvin both know their mum is always with them in spirit, and they'll be okay.

It's time for a new adventure -Kalvin

You can watch the documentary here: Mum's Last Wish