In life there are bad ending and good endings

Hope Again is a place created to help with the bad endings and how they have affected us. I have been on a journey with Hope Again over the last ten months and now as I reach the end of my time here I see that this is a good ending and I’m thankful for that.

Ten months ago I didn’t know where this job would take me but I never would have guessed that I would learn so much. I’ve read hundreds of emails about some terrible times in people’s lives but the one thing everyone had in common was hope. Even if they didn’t mention the word, behind their stories and their words was hope. They may not have experienced much hope yet, but they were looking for it, and hopefully we were able to provide a little bit.

Grief can isolate you and one of the things I wanted this website to provide was a common ground between young people—a little island of commonality were people could relate to each other and maybe help each other. I hope that we have been able to achieve that and I trust this website continues to be a safe place for young people looking for a little bit of hope.

Why not jot here a one-sentence response telling us where you last caught a glimmer of hope in your every-day world?

Bridget Molloy, Youth Web Consultant